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What Is Kelly Khumalo’s Age, Who Are Her Kids and Why Is She Still Single?

Kelly Khumalo was born on November 11, 1982, currently 40 years old. She has two children, a son and a daughter named Christian Kumalo and Thingolenkosazana Meyiwa Khumalo respectively, but she has never married, and it is believed that she is currently single.

Kelly Khumalo is a famous South African singer, actress and businesswoman who has been in the entertainment world for a long time. She has been in several controversial relationships in the past, including with South African rapper Jub Jub and the late Orlando Pirates goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa. From this relationship, he has been blessed with two children.

At one time in the South African entertainment industry, Khumalo was considered one of the most data-driven. Years later, he hasn’t lost his sauce, but he is still single and even single. While it is his music and love life that always seem to receive the most attention, his personal life is also interesting.

Kelly Khumalo Biography Summary

  • Full name: Kelly Nonhlanhla Khumalo
  • Female gender
  • Date of birth: November 11, 1982
  • Kelly Khumalo Age: 40 Years
  • Ethnicity: African
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Christianity
  • Marital Status: Not married
  • Kelly Khumalo’s Children: Christian & Thingolenkosazana Meyiwa Khumalo
  • Kelly Khumalo’s Parents: Ntombi Khumalo (mother)
  • Brother: Zandi Khumalo
  • Famous for: His debut album TKO (2005)
  • Kelly Khumalo’s Instagram: kellykhumaloza
  • Twitter: @KellyKhumaloZA

Kelly Khumalo is 40 Years Old

Born on November 11, 1982 in Diepsloot, Gauteng, South Africa, this South African singer is currently 40 years old. For a long time, many fans believed that the singer was 38 years old, as she always claimed. However, the singer was later revealed to have lied about his age, bringing the figure down to 2 years.

The revelations come after court papers filed by Nedbank at the Johannesburg High Court revealed that he was actually born in 1982 and not 1984 as he led fans to believe. The papers filed against him by the bank were in his attempt to take back the Porsche he bought but failed to pay the installments as agreed. According to reports, his identity documents also show that he was born in 1982.

Even as the controversy over her age continues, there is no denying the fact that she is one of the few South African celebrities to have stayed in the industry for a very long time, having been around for almost 2 decades.

He Got His Big Chance To Be Famous At The Age Of 23

Kelly Khumalo was a 23 year old young woman when she first gained fame shortly after she broke into the entertainment industry with her hit song. Confirm in 2005; the song was part of his wildly successful debut album, TKO. Before she was 25 years old, Kelly was well known in South Africa.

In 2012 when she turned 30, she landed her role in her first known film role. He played Kgantshe in the skit. In the following years, he took part in other productions, including the TV series, In Heaven Kgantse & Kenny last year 2014 Zulus wedding in 2017.

Since his first album, Khumalo released many other albums; It’s a switch (2006), we are happy(2007), Enough Kelly (2008), Past, Present, Future (2012), Back to My Roots(2014), My truth (2017), Released (2018), and Voice of Africa (TVOA) (2020).

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Kelly Khumalo Is A Mother Of Two Children

Kelly has never been married in her life so far but has been in a few relationships, most of which have ended in very controversial ways. Despite this, it is thanks to this relationship that she is now the mother of two children; a son named Christian and a daughter, Thingo. Let’s meet them and learn who their father is below.

Christian Khumalo

  • Father: Oh my gosh Maarohanye (Jub Jub)
  • Date of birth: May 12, 2000
  • Age: 22 years

The singer’s first son, Christian Khumalo was born to South African rapper, Jub Jub, who was born Molemo Maarohanye. The relationship was marred by accusations of domestic violence on the rapper’s part, and it ended after Jub was sent to prison for innocent homicide.

Kelly raised her son as a single mother, keeping him away from his father even after he was released from prison, showing that neither she nor the child needed him, and they lacked nothing. According to him, the rapper never tried to contact him about his son, although he stated that was not true.

In 2020, Kelly was reported to have reached out to Jub to do the right thing and get involved in the child’s life. When Christian was suspended from school in 2020 over allegations of stealing, Kelly’s mother claimed the child’s behavior was because she had no father in her life, the singer replied that she would not be fooled by her ex. Apart from stealing, there are reports that the young Christian also lied constantly.

Thingolenkosazana Meyiwa Khumalo

  • Father: Senzo Meyiwa
  • Date of birth: March 19, 2014
  • Age: 9 years

Kelly’s second child was born more controversial. He had a daughter from Senzo Meyiwa, the late goalkeeper Bafana Bafana who was later murdered at the singer’s house. When Kelly and Meyiwa began their relationship, the footballer was already married to Mandisa Mkhize, whom he has been dating since 2005 and married in 2013.

He had a daughter with his wife, Nana Meyiwa, before having another child, Thingolenkosazana with Kelly. Thingo was born in 2014, and sadly, just a few months after his birth, his father was brutally murdered in his mother’s house, as previously mentioned. So far, Kelly seems to have no problem being the father and mother of her two children. Thingo, who is still a little girl, is said to have started school, and she has a keen interest in dancing.

Kelly Khumalo Has Had Many Troubled Relationships In The Past

Kelly Khumalo is, without a doubt, a beautiful woman who is also talented and successful in her own right. However, he has yet to get it right when it comes to his love life. Here’s a look at all of his previous relationships and how they sadly ended:

1. Prosperous Mkwaiwa

Prosperous Mkwaiwa

Kelly and Prosperous Mkwaiwa (Image Source)

The first person publicly linked to the singer was a music promoter, Prosper Mkwaiwa. A Zimbabwean, Prosper once married Tina Jaxa in 2000, but the lavish marriage didn’t last long before it ended, and he then moved on to Kelly until she became his manager. One thing led to another and the two started dating.

Although he claims he was the first man the singer slept with in 2007, this was not enough to sustain the relationship as it later ended up falling apart. Prosper died under mysterious circumstances in 2015 after a brief illness.

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2. Jub Jub

Kelly Kumalo

Kelly Khumalo and Jub Jub (Image Source)

Following her messy relationship with the late Prosper, she started another relationship with up-and-coming rapper Jub Jub. This couple was seen as the most perfect celebrity couple at the time, but it was later discovered that nothing was beautiful in their relationship because everything was toxic.

The couple physically abused each other and broke up before getting back together several times. What ultimately buried the relationship was Jub’s prison sentence on murder charges for the deaths of four children. Kelly Khumalo has a son for the rapper, as mentioned, but before that, she miscarried when she was first caring for him.

3. Senzo Meyiwa

Mandisa Meyiwa

Kelly Khumalo and Senzo (Image Source)

This is probably his most controversial relationship for many reasons. Firstly, Senzo was a married man with a child when they were dating, and secondly, he lost his life in the process. Reports say that Senzo was warned about the dark clouds surrounding the singer, but he continued the relationship which resulted in a daughter in the process.

In 2014, while she was visiting him at her parents’ home, Senzo lost his life following what was initially believed to be a robbery incident that went wrong. It was later revealed that the episode was not a robbery case, but a murder. Kelly was not accepted by Senzo’s father Sam until his death as he always believed he was the reason he lost his son.

4. Chad da Don

And then there’s Chad da Don, whom she almost married before they split. Their relationship is attracting so much interest because for once, it seems like he has now found a relationship where he feels very comfortable and is willing to give himself completely. However, less than a year into the relationship, it was reported that they had split in 2019.

With the intervention of Chad’s mother and some of the couple’s close people, they mend their relationship and get back together, but it only lasts for 6 months before they split up again, this time for good.

Kelly Khumalo May Be Single For Not Answering Her Calls Yet

One cannot claim not to notice all the misfortune that followed the man who dated Kelly Khumalo in the past. In 2014, it was reported that a shaman, SangomaDumezweni Mahabuke claimed that the man who dated the singer would continue to face various misfortunes because he had rejected his calling by his ancestors.

In 2018 however, there was speculation that she had decided to answer the call and become a traditional healer, but she has yet to come out to confirm those reports. One more thing that might be the reason why she’s single is that she thinks she’s always been out with guys because they asked her out and not necessarily because she wanted to be with them. As a result, relationships have a way of not working out.

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