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Teri Meri Dooriyan Written Update 21 April 2023

Hello, we are here again to bring you the latest written updates about your favorite shows broadcast on Star Plus Teri meri Doriyan. The latest written update for Teri meri Doriyan episode 21 April 2023 today. The Episode starts with the scene when Angad drops Sahiba at his house. Sahiba asks Angad to come inside and says it will be awkward if he cannot enter but he denies it and says he doesn’t care. Sahibha makes excuses and sends Ajith with Angad.

Sahibha replies Sathosh that he was coming to meet Seerat when he asked why you came here to Sahibha. Sahibha comes to Seerat’s room and asks who is the man she left with him from her marriage. Seerat says to forget that guy. Shaibha tells the truth to Seerat that she already knows who that man is. Sahibha says to Seerat I know who you ran away with man from marriage is Garry.

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Teri Meri Dooriyan written update April 21, 2023

Garry was the one she had eloped with from her marriage. Santosh hears all the conversation between Shaibha and Seerats and tries to take Seerat from him. Seerat says forget all about this and says he will prepare tea for everyone.

Teri Meri Dooriyan Written Update

Shaibha mistakenly takes Seerat’s Phone and picks up the phone when she sees Garrys calling her. Shaibha is shocked and worried when she hears Garry talking about who offered money to Seerat and says she is very grateful that he did not mention her name in front of everyone.

Garry said whatever amount he wanted he would pay but after this, he would not call her again and never would. Angad thinks who was that person who was talking to Shabibha on the phone. Seerat brings tea for everyone and Shaibha drinks tea fast and comes in room and takes her purse.

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Seerat follows Shaibha and asks her what she is doing. Shaibha gives Seerats phone to her and tells Seerat even if you want to hide but truth is revealed it can never be hidden and leaves the room. Ajith gives Sahiba the things he brought from his shop and asks her to have them. Sahib takes it. Ajith asks Sahiba why he looks tensed. Sahiba makes excuses and leaves from there. Sahiba gets into Angad’s car. Angad asks Ajith if everything is fine. Ajith says yes and says it will be better if Angad enters. Angad said another time and left from there.

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