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Let UNISA Hire a Gun Man to Kill Me: Mandisa Mashego

Mandisa Mashego, a former member of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party and a well-known activist and politician, has made serious accusations against the University of South Africa (Unisa). He admitted that he had received a report highlighting the corruption that occurred at Unisa. According to him, the report was obtained from a whistleblower who contacted him. Mandisa has now received a letter from Unisa demanding an apology for her remarks, but she refuses to comply.

Mandisa has made several serious accusations against Unisa, including claims that 33 students received grants improperly. He also accused the son of a minister of working at Unisa. He has stated that he does not need a lawyer to represent him but does have a legal team to assist him in court.

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Despite the seriousness of the accusations made by Mandisa, she shows no fear of the threats made against her. She is recorded as saying that she was not afraid of Unisa’s threats and that she was a brave woman.

He also revealed that he is not afraid of being killed, should Unisa decide to hire a gunman. He says that he doesn’t have bodyguards and can’t afford one, but he enjoys his freedom and won’t compromise on it.

Mandisa’s refusal to apologize to Unisa has caused a lot of controversy, but she is not backing down. He believed that Unisa did not deserve an apology and that his accusations were true. He also made it clear that he is willing to fight for his beliefs and he is not afraid of the consequences. He’d rather die.

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The situation between Mandisa and Unisa is a reflection of the larger problem of corruption in South Africa. Corruption is a widespread problem in this country, and it affects all aspects of life. This is an issue that has been tackled by the government, civil society and individuals like Mandisa. While the eradication of corruption is ongoing, cases like these show that there is still a long way to go.

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