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Julius Malema Gets Frustrated After Being Told What His EFF Councillors Are Doing In Joburg–See Why

Date: 14/04/2023


The people of South Africa are known to always react to what the country’s leaders, including the opposition parties, are doing. The reason is, every leader in South Africa always represents his party as the only organization that can bring change to his country.

The reason for this is because of how the ruling party has failed the country with people who voted to give power to the ANC. The ANC has been the ruling party for almost 21 years and this is because they are the party that has brought political peace to the black community since they were completely suppressed by the white Government before Nelson Mandela saved them from misery.

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The President of the Economic Freedom Fighters named Julius Malema was furious with what people on Twitter said about him. This is because they say that the EFF Board Members in Joburg residents have something that is not expected of them.

The reason for this is that they didn’t deliver as they promised. The reason, EFF emerged because of the failure to do what society wants. Now the EFF wants to join a coalition government with the ANC and this has people on Twitter badmouthing Julius Malema.

Malema responded by saying that he is not a friend of anyone on Twitter and he said it boldly. Although Malema is a very impatient leader, some consider him a good example to stop anything because his mindset can shake the world like he did for the national shutdown that happened in March.

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What’s your take on this and why do you say so?

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