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(Uncencored) Full Video MC Pipokinha Giving Head From A Fan During The Show Viral Twitter

(Uncencored) Full Video MC Pipokinha Giving Head From A Fan During The Show Viral Hello Friend’s, Known for his controversial performance shows, MC Pipokiña went viral after being sexually harassed during a performance. In a video circulating online, the singer is attacked by a man in the audience.

In the recording, the singer is shown half-naked, with stickers on her breasts and leaning on the shoulder of a man in the middle of the audience. However, her interaction with her admirers ended badly, and part of the public began to try to remove the artist’s panties, in addition to groping her body, especially her breasts.

The singer is seen lying down while the woman performs her art work on her. Afterwards, Pipokinha gets up and returns the favor by caressing the fan’s breasts. During a pole dance, the woman dances very close to the singer, who remains seated on the ground.

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(Uncencored) Full Video MC Pipokinha Giving Head From A Fan During The Show Viral Twitter

You can Watch MC Pipokinha video below. We made the video blurred because of it’s nature.

The situation caused a big riot: “If she dances and sings put*ria is by her own will, no one has the freedom to go to put her hand in her body without consent”, “Independent of standing on top of the box and singing um mountain of safadeza, do not give the direct of a mountain of innocence to touch it like that.

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Videos MC Pipokinha is attacked by the public of his show and ends up being naked

Assist the video: @__baddex3 , I felt very bad to assist this video”, “The show of dancing, singing and performing a character in the box. It’s not part of the show for her to be bullied.

Comments full of potential harassers” and “Guys don’t get the consent part, do they? One thing is to make her happy because she wants to. Other than that, we will tear off the clothes without being allowed” there are some two comments that arise.

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