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Viral Why the elections brought artists like Ludmilla and Juliette into the legal ring

Viral Why the elections brought artists like Ludmilla and Juliette into the legal ring -Viral Why the elections brought artists like Ludmilla and Juliette into the legal ring. In one of Rock in Rio’s best performances last September, Ludmilla repeated a move that had brought her trouble months earlier. “For ‘L’,” the singer asked the audience after announcing that the festival would be a favela. Due to the same “L” in his hands, São Paulo board member Fernando Holiday from Novo filed for legal representation in May to suspend his payments to Virada Cultural in São Paulo. Ludmilla said the movement referred to his initials, but was clearly linked to former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva of PT, this year’s presidential candidate. He is not the only one whose political stance is in doubt.

Since the electoral race began, Nando Reis, Daniela Mercury, Juliette, Manu Gavassi and Maria Gadú have been targets of actions, accused of violating electoral rules. The denunciations do not fall only on pro-Lula acts. President Jair Bolsonaro, of the PL, also participated in the Festa do Peão de Boiadeiro de Barretos party, in the interior of São Paulo, framed as a showmice by the PDT, the party of Ciro Gomes. But to what extent can artists, in fact, position themselves politically and participate in political campaigns? Did these lawsuits really intimidate singers or did they have the opposite effect? And can this type of process be considered an attempt at censorship? This wave against artists in the 2022 elections started at Lollapalooza in March. The PL, Bolsonaro’s party, sued the Superior Electoral Court against the organization of the festival in São Paulo for alleged irregular electoral propaganda in benefit of Lula after Pabllo Vittar was raised a towel with the PT’s face on stage.

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Why the elections brought artists like Ludmilla and Juliette into the legal ring

Minister Raul Araújo accepted part of the request and banned any political speech at the concert for a fine of R$50,000. Shortly after the event, Bolsonaro ordered the PL president to drop the lawsuit against the festival. “This decision creates problems,” said Mônica Galvão, a lawyer whose clients include producer Lollapalooza T4F. “The artist on the stage owns the performance and there is no prior decision about what is or may not be said, what may or may not be the goal of a public performance.” Legally, it makes no sense to accuse Lollapalooza of being a political event, Galvão said. First, because it is an international festival, without prejudice. But there is a second reason. “The ban on political demonstrations is not aimed at artists. It is aimed at politicians, parties who cannot rent demonstration microphones,” he said. After the case, lawyers and experts said practices like Lollapalooza were meant to intimidate artists, but could have the opposite effect. Political tensions at the festival escalated after the decision, with the artists supporting Lula.

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Viral Why the elections brought artists like Ludmilla and Juliette into the legal ring

Even Anitta, who only participated in the presentation of American Miley Cyrus, herself posted a video that she would pay a fine to those who took positions on parade days. However, the artist, who did not wish to be named, told reports that he was facing a lawsuit and that until the matter was resolved, he had decided to avoid the position on stage. The Festa do Peão de Boiadeiro de Barretos is another case of a private event accused of political bias. Bolsonaro went to the stadium where the event took place in August, accompanied by the fans. In the act, he even introduces a campaign jingle, which also includes cursing at Lulu. PDT, on behalf of the TSE, said that what the president did at the festival was a show – and this action brought Bolsonaro unexpected support. Paula Lavigne, coordinator of the Art 342 movement and a prominent critic of the current president, spoke out against the party’s position. “Look how far I’ve come. I stand for Bolsonaro,” Malu Gaspar said of the event in a column in the newspaper O Globo.


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