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Update Zezé Di Camargo turns his “Rústico” project into a big party Viral

Update Zezé Di Camargo turns his “Rústico” project into a big party Viral–Update Zezé Di Camargo turns his “Rústico” project into a big party Viral. After a successful DVD recording in the capital São Paulo in July, Zezé Di Camargo’s solo project “Rústico” will take the form of a big party and tour in Brazil. The debut – as the artist calls the label or the festival – is scheduled for October 23 at CEL da OAB, the big club in Goiania. In each edition, the host and various guests set the tone for the singer’s plan: to present RÚSTICO as his own brand, but also synonymous with the lifestyle he has chosen since the beginning of the pandemic. The results include a DVD, an EP, in addition to monthly presentations, a label created and signed by Emanuel Camargo, the artist’s brother and manager, and Luiz Henrique, who is responsible for the creation of commercial and sales programs.

Zezé Di Camargo

Zezé said that Goiania was chosen for a special reason. The capital of his country is Brazil’s great musical granary, the genre name of the national passion, sertanejo. “The idea is for the public to relive the golden moment of sertanejo on the eve of the anniversary of the country’s most “xonadic” city. Rustic – the party will take place on October 23 with Di Paulo, Paulino, Guilherme and Benuto, who I admire so much and represent sertanejo,” says Zezé Di Camargo . On “Banalized”, “Stones”, “Fraud”, “35 Cans of Beer” and “I’ll Have to Drink One”. He also committed to performing his hits and songs from a duet with his brother Luciano. Således vil klassikere som “É o amor”, “Muda de Vida”, “Dois Corações”, “Pão de Amen” un “Flores em Vida” begejstre offentligheden i Goiás.

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Update Zezé Di Camargo turns his “Rústico” project into a big party Viral

Directed by Anselmo Troncoso, music producer Felipe Duran, general supervision by Emmanoel Camargo and artistic director by Rafael Vannucci, “Rústico” was first recorded at the end of last year at Villa Cavalcare, a glamorous venue in the capital. from Goia. “Due to the social isolation caused by the pandemic, I settled in a farm in Araguapas (GO), where I created and developed the “Rústico”, which further saved me from being a rural dweller. I not only recited, but also myself. A poem written a few years ago predicted: ” I was born in a white house, at the foot of a mountain, where birds and flowers are fragrant and spring is more beautiful. I come from the land of perennial leaves, I am from the heart of Brazil… I am a traveling boy looking for something more, but one day I will return to plant my dream of Goiás. Basically it’s like this: without gigs, I go back to my roots and take my wife and parents to the farm. There, the desire to produce things in my way of being grows every day. That was it: to plant a dream in my country,” says Zezé Di Camargo. In July he recorded the “RÚSTICO” DVD at Villagio JK, a popular house in São Paulo. The audiovisual program is planned to be released at the premiere of the festival in Goiânia.

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