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Update Flashback Video 1444 Viral

Update Flashback Video 1444 Viral

–Update Flashback Video 1444 Viral. Flashback Video 1444 Viral, video 1444, also known as 1444, refers to a video of the suicide of a British user in Russia, Gleb Korablyov, who broadcast a suicide with a live weapon on October 17, 2019. After The video downloaded the same day as “1444” on the YouTube Gore channel now disappeared, it struck the internet virally as a shock video which was also notoriously cursed by Hispanophone users.


On October 17, 2019, the British Russian user Gleb Koralilyov launched live broadcast on the platform. During the broadcasting, Korallyov took the semi-automatic SAIG ​​rifle, targeted him in the head, warned someone to wait for his parents to signal his suicide and fell into the head. Before committing suicide, Korallyov mentioned a meme linked to suicide in Russia.

Nikita, if you tell my parents right away, I will get you out of the grave. I know you have their phone number. But… what is the saying? Nyan, hi!


The same day, Suicide Pictures was published by the telegram channel Plokhie Novosti 18 ++ (“Bad News 18 ++”) and a British group [2] [3] With several Russian telegram channels reporting an incident on the same day. [4] [5] At the beginning of October 17, several video discussions were published on the Russian Image Board 2ch

I hid in the United Kingdom this morning when I learned a live program from Gleb Korally, student of the Moscow high school, 18 years old (her site in the United Kingdom has already been taken over by her mother).
The man shouted “Nyan, bee!” For about three minutes, put his Saiga rifle on his head and pulled his brain. Depending on the duration of the video, the police arrived only 2.5 hours ago.

On October 17, 2019, the YouTube Gore channel was now deleted, which reissued a short video clip “1444” [9] [10], in which the video received more than 151,000 views. Three days before YouTube, the moderators take over [14]

Update Flashback Video 1444 Viral

From October 20, 2019, the video spread through discussions on social networks. Like Momo, Hispanophone Internet users have hypothesized that the video had been cursed by the deep deep web downloader and that the curse could not be deleted from the viewer by commenting on the date of the video. [11] [15] At the time, many users created video warning messages. For example, the Twitter user @irkepoc received more than 13,700 retweets and 10,900 likes in two days (illustrated below, first on the right). [12]

In the following days, 4Chan users recorded an influx of videos of the same name (for example “1555”, “1443”) containing unknown clips, juvenile pornography and other sensitive materials. The anonymous user 4CHAN provided a translation of a post of 2 [7] saying that the reason for the suicide of Korally was a fight with his girlfriend (illustrated below on the right).

On October 20, 2019, the Reignbot Youtube Channel online survey announced the video and its “cursed” condition, which received more than 280,000 views on November 4, 2019 (illustrated below on the left). [14] On the same day, the commentator and musician of YouTube Argentin Magnus Mefisto shared a video on October 20, 2019, which received more than 8 million views since November 2, 2019 (shown below right). [15]

The viral event was popular with Hispanophone -speaking users and attended many Hispanophone -speaking youtubers, including famous artists such as El Rincón de Giorgo [16] and Drossrotzank. [17] Drossrotzank ridiculed and criticized YouTube to attack channels and delete videos for video reporting purposes. [18] [19]

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