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Link Video of Notti DD Osama’s death has gone viral on Twitter

Link Video of Notti DD Osama’s death has gone viral on Twitter–Link Video of Notti DD Osama’s death has gone viral on Twitter. Ethan Reyes, also known as Bad Osama. Recently they stabbed us to death after an altercation at a New York subway station. A video of his 14 -year -old’s brother, Notty D.

Note Osama was stabbed until death on July 9 at 3 p.m. After an altercation with a 15 -year competitor at Metro 137th Street / City College. Osama then died at the Mount Sinai Morningside hospital.

The reason for the fight was not revealed. However, according to police officers, the two young people had some problems. The suspect was arrested and accused of first degree murder and unfair possession.

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Notice King DD’s death video

The 15 -year -old girl was initially accused of second degree murder. All that changed when the prosecutors learned that Reyes had surrounded the defendant of her and threatened her with a broom. Ethan and his colleague quickly reached the defendant, but when he tried to escape, the defendant stabbed him.

In the incident, the police found a knife and a broom. It is also a video session.

The identity of the suspect is no longer known. The authorities said he was taken to the New York Presbyterian hospital with a white weapon wounds.


“The statement that he knows the victim only adds to the madness of this atrocious crime.”

Nouti Osama is a 14 -year -old rapper. The authorities believe that this has caused the tragic controversy.

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Osama, the youngest of six children, launched his new song “Without you” two weeks ago with photos of his brother. Osama’s cousin, Lily Ortega, remembered Osama as an intelligent and friendly child who enjoyed spending time with his family.

Link Video of Notti DD Osama’s death has gone viral on Twitter

Watch the video click here

Since Osama’s career has just begun, Osama’s work, educational background and family have not been revealed. After listening to the rapper’s death, taxes began to arrive

A commemorative service in candlelight was held in Manhattan. A rapper friend said he has a smile of one million dollars. The unidentified person declared that Reyes is determined to become a rapper and works hard every day to achieve his aspirations.

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