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Link (Hot News) La pareja de Santi Millán sale en su defensa tras filtrar un vídeo sx con otra mujer Update

Link (Hot News) La pareja de Santi Millán sale en su defensa tras filtrar un vídeo sx con otra mujer Update–Link (Hot News) La pareja de Santi Millán sale en su defensa tras filtrar un vídeo sx con otra mujer Update. (Hot News) Santi Milan couple defends themselves after leaking a sex video with another woman, Santi Milan became a star on the network after leaking a sex video featuring the 53-year-old actor and ‘Got Talent’ host in bed Rosa Olocha, who had a relationship with a women who are not a blonde couple, have been married for 13 years (since 2000) and have two children: Markus 10, 6, and Ruth, 14. A hidden video of Santi and the young woman went viral on the internet, causing many people to see it, and the photo disappeared from its place because of the crime. However, he became a hot topic that gave a surprise. Many netizens blamed the host of “Got Talent” for being unfaithful to his wife, while others wrote letters of support to his wife, Rosa, a television director and producer. . Eventually, she stopped her husband Santi Milan from dating and opened up about their relationship. Santi Milan’s wife is also in television and is the director and producer of the program. He produced “Alaska y Mario” for MTV, “No Pod Ser” for TV3, and was with Santi at the production company El Terat.

La pareja de Santi Millán se pronuncia tras filtrarse el vídeo sx

Since the day the video came out, I’ve had enough of the Sunday paper, Rosa Olocha; She decided to go online and write five points in which she defended her husband and explained how he used it and what happened. Hello. Say 1-It’s good for someone to ask “how are you?” or “Sorry. I appreciate it.” I’m fine. You must be wondering what it is. Fue el quien sufrió una invasion criminal de su privacidad. “Tu privacidad te pertenece a ti, a nadie más”, dijo en una historia de Instagram. Más tarde escribió: “2-No tienes que sentir pen por alguien o apoyar a alguien. l no es mío y yo no soy suya”. Rosa ha querido explicar qué tipo de relación tienen ella y Santi Millán, una relación abierta. “3- For those of you who don’t know (sorry), there are several types of families. In freedom, respect and tolerance we are the pillars on which we built this project. We traveled miles together, many accidents, thousands of falls, come on. we talk when we have to and switch gears when we are tired. And it’s not bad for a moment. The Santi Milan couple ignores all the anger that her husband is sleeping with another woman and everyone criticizes her. “The fact that consent to private sex is still being criticized now makes me very lazy . Yes, everyone, damn it! Inside and outside some. Dan Rosa added: “And I was almost lazy when I arrived. Most women sympathize with the classics of “the poor don’t know” or “let the fools go.” Lastly, Rosa criticized the media: “5- The existing media is not good. Actually, we should call it a “crime” or just a cover-up, but we call this issue “blasphemy”. I want those who care about me now to support me and my family. Thank you very much.” Less than half an hour later, Rosa Olocha deleted the story, probably because she regretted it after being enveloped by the heat and anger at the time, but many people saw it and caught it. A few hours ago, Rosa Olocha shared a photo of white flowers on her account. In the first image, only the image is visible, and in the second, a cat emoji with the question and message “What do you want to know about this image” appears. Finally, he adds an image of the question “Chat?” This is a paradox that the heart and heads often want to show that they see the opposite, the truth. A few hours ago, Rosa Olucha shared a photo of white flowers on her Instagram account. En la primera imagen se podía ver solo las fotos, en la segunda un emoticono de un gato con un interrogante y el mensaje: “Seres intentando descifrar qué he querido decir con esta foto”. En la ltima añadía otro dibujo del que salía La pregunta: “¿Coños?”.

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Really silly words I want to point out that the heart and the head often see the difference, the truth.

Santi Millán habla tras salir a la luz su vídeo íntimo con otra mujer: “Se ha cometido un delito”

Link (Hot News) La pareja de Santi Millán sale en su defensa tras filtrar un vídeo sx con otra mujer Update

Santi Millán said Monday morning after the video was released. “I will not comment. “I don’t want to tell you what to do, but there’s been a breach,” Alphabet told the ABC. I wanted to resolve the issue by deciding, “I don’t know the law very well, so I won’t comment.” The woman in the video had to shut down social media to hide her identity, even though many people recognized her. It was not immediately clear if Shanti Milan had been the victim of the hack, who the woman in the video was, or how the video was leaked.

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