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Update Viral PM Sanna marin video | Sanna Marin party video

Update Viral PM Sanna marin video  Sanna Marin party video Update Viral PM Sanna marin video | Sanna Marin party video. In this article we will tell you who Prime Minister Sana Marin is. And why he is trending on social media. Videos and images of Prime Minister Sana Marin are circulating on social media such as Twitter. PM Sana Marin’s video is trending on the webpage.

PM Sanna marin video

Finland Prime Minister Sanna Marin finds herself in the centre of controversy after a video of her partying with her friends surfaced online late on Wednesday. The video, now on social media, shows her and partying on social media. While some social media users termed Marin’s actions as cool, Many others saw it as unbecoming of a Prime Minister.
In the video, which appears to have first been uploaded to Instagram Stories, Marin is seen with a group of pals while also dancing and singing along to songs by Finnish rapper Petri Nygrd and pop singer Antti Tuisku.
According to the Iltalehti newspaper, singer Alma, influencer Janita Autio, TV host Tinni Wikström, YouTuber Ilona Ylikorpi, radio host Karoliina Tuominen, Stylist Vesa Silver, and MP Ilmari Nurminen from Marin’s Social Democratic Party are among the Finnish public figures who can be seen in the video.
Local sports talk show host Aleksi Valavuori termed her as the most incompetent Prime Minister the country has ever had. Please take your leather jacket and resign, he wrote on Twitter.
The PM left the house for dinner and beverages only hours after learning that her Foreign Minister had tested positive; at first, She had been assured she didn’t need to isolate since she had had all of her vaccinations, but she subsequently failed to see a text telling her to do so.
She apologised profusely for not realising that she needed to do that in a post on Facebook at the time. She stated that because the text message was sent to her work phone and not the personal phone she was carrying, she had missed it.
Update Viral PM Sanna marin video  Sanna Marin party video


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