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(Watch Now) how Lauie Tagaloa? lt stabbed in neck video leaked – (Watch Now) how Lauie Tagaloa? lt stabbed in neck video leaked, A brawl broke out in an area of the Valley Metro complex in Brisbane on Monday, a younger man brutally stabbed another young man identified as Lauey Tagaloa on the neck.

After being wounded, Laui, also known as LT immediately died and bled to death on the floor.

The shocking image of the stabbing incident was posted on Twitter on Tuesday while police looked into the incident and were able to arrest the suspect.

LT, a young man of 24 years, Brisbane local, was wounded in the neck following an altercation verbally in the Valley tube complex between two people.

According to a video posted in the video, a verbal fight was fought between the two sides after the man suddenly took out the knife from behind, and then threw at Tagaloa’s young son. When Levi first began bleeding the victim was already bleeding. He then fell to the ground , and was buried in a pool of blood.

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(Watch Now) how Lauie Tagaloa lt stabbed in neck video leaked

video shows neck being stabbed and arrested. Suspect

Police say that witnesses attempted to help the victim by giving first aid but it was discovered that the injury had been too close an organ, and the Brisbane resident passed away immediately.

A video that shows moments when Lauey Tagaloa was wounded and then dragged unconscious, has been posted on the internet, mostly via Twitter.

The comments on YouTube, some complain that the person in front of the camera of ignoring and say that he should have intervened in order in order to help the dying rather than filming the situation.

Many people are able to watch the horrible film and are terrified. They wish they had not seen the character before.

The young man’s sentiments of condolence and hope that the shooter receives the justice he deserves will be seen on Twitter. Some have also were critical of LT for not blaming the shooter.

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In the wake of horrifying videos of people being injured and bleeding, one wonders of how devoid social media has become in the past few years for graphic content. However, police say the video was helpful to the investigation.

Police have detained a man of 18 known as Seiram Kwami Jentuh in connection with the suspect in the killing of Laoui Tagaloa. The investigation was conducted using surveillance and video footage captured at the time of the murder.

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